Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this form or the performance thereunder, including without limitation any claim related to bodily injury, property damage or death, shall be settled by binding arbitration in Quito, Ecuador in accordance with the local rules, and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the controversy. This agreement to arbitrate does not waive or modify the liability release contained in this document.

  • To confirm a reservation a US$ 350 non-refundable per person deposit is due from the customer at the time of booking.
  • The final payment of the invoice is due from the Customer 65 days prior to departure.

Certain products have a different booking policy. If that is the case, you will be notified by your sales agent.

We accept wire transfers and credit cards. Detailed information regarding forms of payment will appear on the Customer’s invoice or will be provided upon request by the Tour Company. For Travel professionals, please note we do not accept credit card payments, only wire transfers. Payments are due in the Tour Company’s offices on the due date specified on the passenger’s invoice and should be sent in a timely fashion to arrive by the above-mentioned date. Failure to do so may result in the release of cabins, with rebooking subject to availability at the desecration of the Tour Company.

The following cancellation fees will be applied to the Customer according to the number of days prior to departure that the Tour Company receives written notice of cancellation from the Customer. All cancellations must be made in writing and should be sent via email to the sales agent who made the Customer’s reservation for the Tour Company.

  • 65 days or more prior to departure: Deposit will be forfeited
  • 64 days or less prior to departure: 100% of the total invoiced amount

We strongly recommend the Customer purchase trip cancellation/interrupt insurance directly after the reservation is confirmed. This coverage reimburses the Customer for most non-refundable costs of the tour should he or she need to cancel due to illness, injury or other reasons covered under the policy.

The Tour Company publishes its trip prices as per person, based on double occupancy, unless otherwise indicated. All prices are in US Dollars. All prices are subject to change without notice. The Tour Company’s most recent pricing can be found on its website.

To prepare you, our Customer, for your tour, the Tour Company will provide the Customer with the following documentation and information, either via the web, PDF file or if requested, in hard copy form. Each document serves a specific purpose to ensure both parties meet their obligations to one another in carrying out a successful tour. If, for some reason, the Customer does not have access to the documents listed below, he or she should contact the Tour Company, which will provide the information in a timely fashion. The Tour Company will also provide the Customer with the forms listed below, which it requires to be completed and returned prior to departure in a timely fashion, so it is able to perform its obligations of providing services to the Customer. All the following documents may be updated as changes occur, in which case the Tour Company will strive to provide the Customer with the most up-to-date version.

Discount Policy for Children
On regular FIT Departures, we grant a 10% discount off the land services net price for children 11 years of age when traveling and a maximum of two discounts per family. There are no discounts for hotel accommodation unless this is specified by your sales agent.

The above discounts apply to land services only. Child discounts do not apply during holiday departures, including Christmas, New Year, and Easter. We also require a birth certificate or copy of the child’s passport.

Electronic Tour Itinerary:
This document provides a detailed day-by-day account of the Customer’s upcoming trip.

Reservation and Medical Form
This document is used by the Customer to disclose important personal information to the Tour Company prior to the trip and is necessary to ensure the Customer has a safe and well-organized tour. Disclosures include passport number, meal requirements, emergency contacts, flight information and more. The Reservation form, the medical form, the invoice and this document constitute the entire Agreement (per above), therefore this document must be returned completed, signed and dated as a condition of participation in the tour as the signature part of this Agreement. This form should be submitted within two weeks of confirming a booking and ideally as soon as possible following confirmation. This document is also used by the Customer to disclose important medical information to the Tour Company prior to the trip and is necessary to ensure the Customer has a safe tour. Disclosures include medical conditions including allergies, medications being taken by the Customer or medical conditions which the Tour Company should be made aware of by the Customer in order for the Tour Company to safely provide services to the Customer, especially in the case of a medical emergency. All information provided in the form will be kept in strict confidence and only be shared with appropriate Tour Company personnel, medical professionals, insurance providers or immediate family members or those specified by the Customer in the form as necessary. This document must be returned completed, signed and dated as a condition of participation on the tour. This form should be submitted within two weeks of confirming a booking and ideally as soon as possible following confirmation.

The Customer’s invoice shows, in brief, the services that have been contracted for and the days they are scheduled to take place along with the cost of the tour, when payments are due and detailed information on the forms of payment that are accepted by the Tour Company. If you, the Customer, have not received a copy of your invoice, please contact the Tour Company, which will provide one in a timely fashion. The Customer’s invoice may be updated to reflect the service ordered should it be revised.

Pre-departure Information:
This provides detailed information to prepare the Customer for his or her travels with the Tour Company. It contains recommendations on clothing and equipment, information on passports and visas and much more. These matters are addressed in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the Tour Company.

Most countries require passports to be valid 6 months beyond the intended trip return date. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify entry requirements with the corresponding consulate/embassy/state department to ensure that the passport, health (vaccinations, insurance, etc.) and other travel documents meet the entry requirements for all destinations included on the itinerary. Failure to do so could result in denial of entry into a country.

For entering Ecuador

All travelers (including minors) arriving in Ecuador must provide proof of:

  • Negative RT-PCR (nasal) taken no more than 3 days (72 hours) before entering Ecuador or,
  • Rapid Antigen test taken no more than 3 days (72 hours) before entering Ecuador or,
  • A vaccination card showing the traveler received a complete series of the COVID vaccine. As long as the traveler does not present symptoms of COVID, the traveler does not need to perform mandatory preventive quarantine (“aislamiento preventativo obligatorio”, or APO) and they may freely move within the continental territory of Ecuador.

The 3 days (72 hours) period applies to the date & time when the test is taken and not when test results are provided.

NOTE: Special rules apply for the Galapagos Islands; see below.


If you don´´provide any of the above requirements upon entering Ecuador

  • The Government of Ecuador requires all travelers who do not provide the results of a RT-PCR or rapid Antigen Test, to undertake, at their own expense, a RT-PCR or Antigen Test upon arrival. The traveler must then proceed immediately to quarantine in a hotel, hostel, motel, or other temporary accommodation authorized for such purpose and at their own expense. If the traveler receives a negative test result, the traveler may terminate the quarantine. If the traveler receives a positive test result, the traveler must continue the quarantine and necessary health care will be provided at their own expense.
  • Regardless of whether a negative RT-PCR test is provided, passengers that present symptoms of COVID-19 will be evaluated by Ministry of Health personnel. Rapid Antigen Testing may also be conducted. In the event, a traveler receives a positive RT-PCR test result while in mainland Ecuador, they will be required to quarantine in a hotel for at least 10 days at their own expense until they test negative. Travelers will not be allowed to leave Ecuador in the event of a positive result until they fulfill the quarantine or receive a negative test result. Though Wayra can assist with arrangements in the event of quarantine or additional testing, all additional expenses during quarantine are the responsibility of the guest.

Though we can assist with arrangements in the event of quarantine or additional testing, all additional expenses during quarantine are the responsibility of the traveler. As an alternative to the above requirement, travelers previously diagnosed as COVID positive, but with more than one month since the onset of symptoms, may present a medical certificate from their country of origin attesting to their recovery and current good health.


Special, additional entry requirements for the Galapagos islands

All travelers (regardless of nationality or residency status) that wish to travel to the Galapagos, must provide:

  • Negative RT-PCR (nasal) taken no more than 3 days (72 hours) before entering Ecuador and,
  • A vaccination card showing the traveler received a complete series of the COVID vaccine. As long as the traveler does not present symptoms of COVID, the traveler does not need to perform mandatory preventive quarantine (“aislamiento preventativo obligatorio”, or APO) and they may freely move within the continental territory of Ecuador.

Note: Antigen tests are not accepted by the Galapagos Local Government

The 3 days (72 hours) period applies to the date & time when the test is taken and not when test results are provided.

  • The RT-PCR may be the same one used to enter Ecuador via Guayaquil or Quito airports, so long as it was administered within 72 hours of entry into Galapagos province.
  • If the RT-PCR test was administered more than 72 hours prior to your entry to the province of Galapagos, you must take another RT-PCR test administered in Ecuador in a laboratory recognized by the Agency for Quality Assurance of Services of Prepaid Health and Medicine (ACESS), at the expense of the traveler. With a valid negative RT-PCR result, there is no quarantine required upon arrival in the Galapagos (nor to return to the mainland of Ecuador).
  • Furthermore, each traveler will be required to present proof of health insurance (such as an insurance card or policy statement) that will provide coverage while in Ecuador and the Galapagos.

The 3 days (72 hours) period applies to the date & time when the test is taken and not when test results are provided.

All travelers must fill and sign a Traveler’s Health Declaration Form, which will be given to them by the airline, and a Special Migratory Form through which they agree to abide by the provisions established by the authorities upon entering Ecuador.

The National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) ordered that a rapid antigen test will be carried out randomly on passengers (passengers under sixteen years of age are exempt from taking the antigen test) on international arrival flights, which will be taken at the international airports of entry. This test will be in charge of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

Ecuador does not require a Malaria fever vaccine as it is Malaria-free territory.


International Travel and Health Information:
– Please visit the World Health Organization’s website that has the most up-to-date information on required health and travel vaccinations for all countries that you visit before, during, or after your trip. To view this information, please visit;

The Ecuadorian government now requires that all travelers entering the country must carry proof of personal health insurance coverage during their entire stay in Ecuador. Therefore, please be sure to carry your health insurance card or other proof of personal health insurance as you may be denied entry into the country without it. The medical evacuation insurance Wayra Routers requires all its passengers to purchase typically also includes medical coverage, so bring a printout of this coverage with you as well. You should be prepared to show this proof when entering Ecuador. Remember that USA Medicare typically does not cover passengers when they travel outside the USA. Check with your medical insurance provider regarding the extent of coverage when traveling abroad.

Wayra Routers reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any of its programs and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a program with Wayra Routers, travelers agree to allow their images to be used in such photographs. Travelers who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves to Wayra Routers prior to the final payment and they will be exempted from this photography waiver clause.

Medical Evacuation (Medivac) Insurance Requirement
The Tour Company requires the Customer to purchase and show proof of Medical Evacuation Insurance coverage for the tour with the Tour Company as a condition of participation. This requirement is designed to protect the Customer against the high costs of becoming ill or injured in a remote location, where medical evacuation costs can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars, should medical evacuation become necessary. The Customer is advised to be aware of the coverage provided by the policy they purchase. Some policies provide coverage of transportation (airplane, helicopter, etc.) for the Customer to the nearest acceptable medical facility, which on the destinations we operate in, can be hundreds of miles away, while other coverage will ensure full medical transport back to the Customer’s country of origin. As proof of such coverage, the Customer is required to state on the medical form provided by the Tour Company, the name of the Customer’s covering insurance company, policy number and the international phone number provided by the insurance company to contact should an emergency arise. In some instances medical evacuation coverage may be provided through the Customer’s ongoing health insurance provider or other insurance entity; the Customer is therefore advised to check with his or her providers for such coverage. Medical Evacuation coverage is typically included as a component of a good travel insurance policy (see below). Because passengers are responsible for any and all costs that may arise from medical evacuation, in the event the Customer claims to but does not have medical evacuation coverage, the Customer will be required to cover all his or her own medical evacuation expenses. The Customer should also make sure to purchase more than adequate coverage as he or she is responsible for all medivac expenses. The Tour Company requires all passengers to carry a minimum of US$ 50,000 Medical Evacuation Insurance coverage and strongly recommends a good Trip Cancellation / Interrupt Policy. Passengers residing in the USA should also be aware that your Health Insurance including Medicare will not cover you outside the USA and does not include Medical evacuation. Therefore, you will need to purchase Travel Insurance which does include Medical Evacuation to ensure coverage.


Travel Insurance – Trip Cancellation / Interruption Coverage
The Tour Company recommends that the Customer purchase a travel protection plan that provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss or delay as well as additional coverage (per above). Trip cancellation or interruption coverage should cover tour cancellation for reasons of force majeure including but not limited to weather conditions, government actions, war, riots, acts of God and mechanical breakdown, accidental damage or other means of transportation. These policies ensure the Customer against paying out-of-pocket for non-refundable expenses of a tour in the form of cancellation fees should the Customer have to either cancel or miss part of a tour due to reasons covered in the policy, which typically include illness, injury and flight delay. Many of these policies include coverage for emergency medical evacuation mentioned above. The Tour Company may recommend or offer such policies under a recognized Travel Insurance Company to the Customer. Pre-existing conditions: The Tour Company cannot overemphasize to the Customer with pre-existing conditions that trip cancellation/interruption insurance must typically be purchased within 24 hours to 14 days (depending on your insurance) from the time the reservation is confirmed to cover cancellation resulting from the pre-existing condition. For travel insurance to cover your pre-existing condition, you must be medically able to travel on the day you purchase your policy. For further information please contact your Travel protection provider.

The Customer agrees that he or she is in good health and good physical condition and is physically qualified to participate in a tour of mainland Ecuador provided by the Tour Company. If there is any question as to the physical or health condition of the Customer that may disqualify him/her from participating in the tour he or she should immediately contact the Tour Company so that both parties may clarify the issue and jointly arrive at a determination of participation.


Traveling through the highlands may involve experiencing altitudes between 1,500 and 3,600 meters (8,203 and 11,812 ft) above sea level. Customers who are easily susceptible to altitude sickness or have difficulty breathing at higher elevations should consult with their physician before traveling to any of the above-mentioned destinations. If the Customer suffers from any medical condition, either physical or mental (including allergies) that might impact their travel experience, he or she should consult with their physician before participating in a tour and must advise the Tour Company of their condition and associated medical needs two weeks following confirmation (or at the earliest opportunity) once they have been given the medical go-ahead by their doctor. The Tour Company reserves the right not to accept passengers on its tours based on medical and health issues. As mentioned above, all Customers are required to complete and return the Tour Company’s medical form prior to travel. Should the Customer represent himself or herself as being qualified for the tour when he or she is not qualified, then the Tour Company, upon such discovery, may dismiss the Customer from the tour and the Customer will forfeit all funds paid to the Tour Company without recourse to substitution or refund and bear any cost associated with leaving the tour. To avoid this situation, the Tour Company strongly urges the Customer to accurately, fully and truthfully complete all tour-related forms and for the Customer to contact the Tour Company immediately if there is any question as to qualification. The Tour Company is more than willing to accommodate persons with disabilities when it is able to do so, so long as it is informed in a timely fashion and agrees to such accommodation in advance so it may adequately make preparation. The Tour Company’s ultimate aim is to ensure the safety of its customers and crew members. Those with disabilities must fill out and complete the form called SAFETY AGREEMENT & ASSUMPTION OF RISKS (guests with disabilities) per above.

The Customer agrees that the Tour Company, Captain or Galapagos National Park Guide are fully authorized to decide whether the Customer is allowed or not to participate in any specific activity wherever they consider it as dangerous or an issue for the Customer’s security, health or safety.

The Tour Company offers a varied menu (when meals are included in your tour), including international and local cuisines, designed to accommodate a variety of dietary needs including vegetarian diets. The Customer with special dietary needs is required to inform the Tour Company of additional dietary requirements two weeks following confirmation or at the earliest opportunity and should use the specified area in the Reservation Form for this purpose. General and specific needs must be clearly conveyed to the Tour Company. Every effort will be made to cater to such requests within reason and subject to the availability of products in its destinations.

On the rare occasion that the Tour Company is not able to provide the service originally booked by the Customer, the Tour Company reserves the right to substitute and/or alter itineraries and/or other travel services including, but not limited to, hotel accommodations and excursions, if it deems necessary due to force majeure or mechanical failures, in addition to other reasons beyond the Tour Company’s control, including, but not limited to, cancellations by independent service providers, the directives of the National Parks as well as local government. The Tour Company will make every effort to find a vehicle, hotel accommodation, or excursion of equal or greater quality as a replacement. If there is a difference in the price between the original service booked and the replacement service, that difference will be refunded to the affected Customer accordingly only if the price of the substitute service is less than the price paid for the originally booked service.

– If the affected Customer accepts any substitution, the offered substitution will encompass the full extent of the offer with the understanding that by accepting any such offer, the Customer waives any right to further substitution, refund or additional compensation of any kind and will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect at the time the substitution is made.

– If the affected Customer chooses not to accept the substitution offered, the Tour Company reserves the right to cancel the trip (or the remainder of the trip) upon a refund pro-rata per night not used according to the price paid by the Customer. In such cases, the Tour Company’s responsibility is limited to the net price pro-rata it was paid for the trip as the full extent of the refund.

 Cash Refunds
If The Passenger requests a cash refund due to an incident, problem, malfunction, etc. for which the Tour Company accepts responsibility, any such refund must be approved by the Tour Company’s finance department and communicated through to the passenger. A formal letter requesting a refund must be received no later than 21 days from the date the trip ended. Once the refund has been approved by the Finance Department, payment will typically be sent to the passenger in no less than 4 weeks from the time of the complaint. No cash refunds will be provided for surcharges.

All credits that the Customer has with the Tour Company will be applied, within a reasonable time frame, under the discretion of the Tour Company’s Finance Department. However, the Tour Company is open to the Customer’s suggestions for the application of those credits. The Client may not apply any credits to future payments without the previous approval of the Tour Company’s Finance Department. No credits can be applied for surcharges.

On the very rare occasion the Tour Company deems it necessary to cancel a tour and is not able to arrive at any suitable substitution options, it reserves the right to cancel the tour in total and offers the affected Customer the following options:

– A replacement trip to be offered at a later date in accommodations of equal or greater value and replacement of any unused services such as hotels and excursions as well as the cost of changing the affected Customer’s international air tickets depending on the rules governing the ticket and subject to proof of the cost of change. The cost of intervening hotels, meals and transportation associated with substitutions will be equal to the originally booked services. Expenses beyond the originally booked services and/or any items not expressly covered in the original services, such as the use of additional hotel services, are the sole responsibility of the Customer and not of the Tour Company. The Customer agrees not to commit to any third-party penalties, fees, or additional costs that will be included as part of the substitution request without the prior consent of the Tour Company.

– A refund of the full net amount the Tour Company was paid for the tour by the Customer, including the refund of any unused services such as airfare only if purchased through the Tour Company, as well as the cost of changing the affected passenger’s international air tickets only if for a future tour, depending on the rules governing the ticket and subject to proof of the cost of change. The Customer agrees not to commit to any third party penalties, fees or additional costs that will be included as part of the refund request without the prior consent of the Tour Company. For reasons of force majeure as defined in the Inability to Perform section, the Tour Company reserves the right to pay to the Customer any approved refunds between 180 to 360 days after the date of approval of the refund. In all the above-mentioned cases in which the Tour Company pays a refund, either in total or pro-rata, its responsibility will be limited to the net amount it was paid by the Customer for the tour.

The Tour Company shall not be liable for debacle or inability to perform its tours by reasons of strikes or industrial action, war, riot, acts of terrorism, civil commission, inability to obtain supplies or loss and other circumstances beyond its control, including answering any distress call or any action necessary to save or preserve life at sea. The Tour Company may, due to circumstances of force majeure, or unexpected events, vary the time of day of the departures of its vessels and trips or alter its tour programs and itineraries without advance notice for the above-mentioned reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to: changing weather and the forces of nature, wildlife nesting habits, the vessel’s safety, the safety of its passengers and crew, the discretion, rules, regulations and legislation of the National Parks and the local government and technical reasons. Under the aforementioned conditions, the Tour Company is under no obligation whatsoever to provide substitution, replacement of services or refunds to the Customer so affected.

In addition to obeying the Tour Company’s rules and the rules of the National Parks, The Customer has a responsibility to the Tour Company, its staff, and other passengers as well as to Guides and drivers for understanding the conditions explicitly and implicitly communicated in the trip itinerary, this document and pre-trip documents, as well as information communicated by guides and staff members throughout their tour, following normal patterns of social behavior and observing all safety requirements without exception, while acting appropriately and respectfully toward staff members. The Tour Company reserves the right to cancel the tour of a Customer at any time, without recourse to refund or reimbursement, who acts in a hostile and/or disruptive manner, who fragrantly displays disregard for the welfare of other passengers, staff members and wildlife or for failing to adhere to the above-stated responsibilities.


The National Parks
Some of the Tour Company’s tours take place within and under the auspices of several National Parks, which stipulate that without exception all its rules and regulations must be followed by all park visitors, whose responsibility it is to know and obey the National Park rules. The Tour Company’s tours are led by certified guides, who inform visitors of the rules as well as enforce them. The National Parks and the Tour Company, through the authority of the National Park Guide reserve the right to deny any Customer, in violation or disregard of rules, the ability to visit a site. Such violation may cause the Customer to be canceled from the tour without recourse to refund.


Forbidden Items
The Tour Company, in conjunction with international law, local laws, and the rules of the National Parks, prohibit the Customer from carrying, either upon their person or in their baggage, any object or material of any nature that may be considered dangerous to the security of other travelers, the crew, the hotel, the yacht or the general public, including but not limited to, explosives, weapons of any kind including those used for sport, and inflammable objects while participating on any of the Tour Company’s trips. Furthermore, protecting the National Parks from introduced species is a serious offense, which is why the National Parks forbid visitors from transporting biological items, including, but not limited to, flowers, plants, fruits and seeds grew elsewhere, into the National Parks. The Customer should not attempt to bring items such as fresh food or flowers purchased in other countries or cities as these will/may be confiscated and the offender may be subject to a fine.


Illegal Substances
As well as being against the local laws, the transport or use of any illegal substance, including illicit drugs, is expressly forbidden while on a Tour Company tour. Penalties are severe for the discovery of illegal substances. Therefore, if such substances are used by, or found to be in the possession of the Customer, he or she will be put ashore at the next port of call without refund and be subject to arrest and prosecution under the law. The possession of even minor amounts of any illegal substances can lead to charges of trafficking, resulting in the offender serving over 6 months jail time prior to coming to trial where there is no true presumption of innocence and the burden of proof rests with the defendant.


Wayra Routers’ itineraries are subject to change without prior notice for various factors including, but not limited to: safety, weather, mechanical breakdown, unforeseen emergencies, and the discretion of the Guide, staff, Wayra Routers and the National Parks.


Removal of Customer From Trip
Customers are responsible for informing Wayra Routers at the time of booking of any known illnesses, disabilities or medical conditions, or, if not known at the time of booking, at the earliest opportunity thereafter prior to the departure for their journey. Any customer found to have understated or not declared their medical condition may be directed to leave the trip with no refund of the fare and with no liability to the Tour Company nor any associate organization, an employee, agent or contractors and the passenger must accept. Wayra Routers reserves the right to remove a customer from a trip if, in the opinion of the Tour Company or a Guide or equivalent, the health or conduct of the customer (immediately before or at any time after the start of the trip) appears likely to endanger the customer or others. In the event a customer is so removed or his/her participation terminated, Wayra Routers shall have no responsibility towards the customer and no refund shall be due. In the case of ill health, the company may at its discretion make such arrangements as it sees fit and recovers the cost thereof from the customer.

The Tour Company reserves the right to apply additional surcharges and taxes to new and existing bookings for circumstances or reasons including, but not limited to the rules, regulations, legislation and discretion of the National Parks and the local government. Every effort will be made by the Tour Company to communicate new surcharges to the Customer in a timely manner.

Gratuities to recognize excellent service are a personal matter and are entirely at the discretion of the Customer. Recommended amounts are available upon request.

The Customer may bring a reasonable amount of clothing and personal effects. Airlines are strict with baggage limitations and the Customer is encouraged to contact individual airlines for weight limitations. The Tour Company is not responsible for loss or damage to baggage or any other personal item during air travel, hotel stays or other land services.

Beneficiary Entitlements
If a trip is purchased from the Tour Company in the name of a third person to be the beneficiary, that person is also bound to all statements and conditions contained herein as the Customer.


Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk
The Customer participating in and/or purchasing a trip from the Tour Company, does so with the full knowledge that an expedition to the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina or Colombia with the Tour Company, and/or the areas visited by their trip, inherently involves risks and dangers including, but not limited to, the forces of nature, the unpredictable behavior of wild animals, strikes and/or civil unrest, roads, trails, travel by vehicles including taxis, buses, airplanes and ocean-going vessels, exposure to high altitude, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, physical exertion for which the participant may not be prepared, and or negligence (but not willful or fraudulent conduct) on the part of the Tour Company, or others. During the trip, the Customer may be exposed to additional risks and hazards including but not limited to the possibility of an accident, injury or illness in a remote area without access to emergency care, rapid evacuation, adequate medical facilities or availability of medical supplies. The Customer acknowledges that the enjoyment and excitement derived from an expedition and/or adventure trip comes in part from the inherent risks incurred when traveling including exposure to the activities offered during a Tour Company tour such as, but not limited to, swimming, hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, navigations, ice trekking and scuba diving, which are all enjoyed with the Customer’s voluntary participation. Fully understanding these risks and that the cost of the Tour Company’s tours is based upon the Customer fully accepting the conditions stated and implied herein, as lawful consideration for being permitted by the Tour Company, to participate on a Tour Company tour and take part in corresponding activities and use of facilities and equipment. The Customer agrees to be responsible for their own welfare, and accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, death, illness, injury or emotional trauma and acknowledge that they are voluntarily participating on the tour in full knowledge of these risks and therefore discharge the Tour Company and its owners, agents, contractors, affiliates and employees from and against any and all liability arising from their participation in the tour. The Customer further agrees that this release shall be legally binding upon themselves and all minors under the age of 21 traveling with them, their heirs, successors, assigns, and legal representatives; it being their intention to fully assume all the risk of travel and to release the Tour Company from any and all liabilities to the maximum extent permitted by law. In the unlikely event, a legal dispute should arise involving any part of these statements whatsoever, the following conditions will apply: the dispute will be submitted to a neutral third-party mediator in Miami, Florida, with both parties splitting equally the costs of such a mediator. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation then the dispute shall be submitted for binding arbitration through an arbitration center in Miami, Florida. Resolution of the dispute will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida, and the maximum recoverable amount to which the Customer will be entitled under any and all circumstances will be the net cost of their trip paid by the Tour Company.


Special Liability Release Regarding Land Services
The Tour Company gives notice that many of the services it provides in connection with its land services, including transportation, hotels and other forms of accommodations, restaurants and other services are often purchased from various independent suppliers not affiliated with the Tour Company. While the Tour Company seeks to work with the best suppliers available, the Tour Company has only a limited ability to control the operations of these providers. Therefore, The Customer purchasing land-based programs through the Tour Company does so upon the express condition that the Tour Company shall not be liable for any delay, cancellation, mishap, inconvenience, expense, irregularity, bodily injury or death to the Customer or damage to property, occasioned through the conduct of default of any company or individual engaged in providing these services. Each of these suppliers is subject to the local laws and their liability may be limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets, vouchers, international conventions and agreements.


Updated Versions of this Agreement
Because the Tour Company may periodically need to update its policies due to changes in the law, the policies of the Galapagos National Park, or for the benefit of its Customer or the Tour Company, the Customer Agreement may be updated periodically, therefore the version in effect at the time the Customer ‘indicates acceptance’ will be in governance as will all affecting changes in the law and National Parks policies.

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