The Pacific Coast: Pirates & chocolate The perfect spot to taste the world´s most delicate “fine-aroma” cacao.
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The Pacific Coast: Pirates & chocolate The perfect spot to taste the world´s most delicate “fine-aroma” cacao.
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The Pacific Coast: Pirates & chocolate The perfect spot to taste the world´s most delicate “fine-aroma” cacao.
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The Pacific Coast

Once the Andean mountain range descends to near sea level, extensive plains lined with banana, rice, shrimp, and cacao farms stretch out as far as the land can take them towards the Pacific Coast.

These “alluvial” plains are fertile and tropical, produce mangos and exotic fruits like the pitahaya, breadfruit, mamey… The men and women who live traditionally in these lands are called Montubios, local coastal farmers that live near plantations in rustic wood houses built on stilts to protect them from humidity and insects.

On the coast (including Guayaquil), it is coolest during the northern hemisphere’s Summer months (July-Sept), with the highest humidity and hot weather between February and May.


Month Day Night
January 88°F/31°C 73°F/23°C
February 88°F/31°C 75°F/24°C
March 90°F/32°C 75°F/24°C
April 90°F/32°C 75°F/24°C
May 88°F/31°C 73°F/23°C
June 84°F/29°C 71°F/22°C
July 84°F/29°C 70°F/21°C
August 84°F/29°C 70°F/21°C
September 86°F/30°C 70°F/21°C
October 84°F/29°C 72°F/22°C
November 86°F/30°C 73°F/23°C
December 88°F/31°C 73°F/23°C

You couldn’t dream of a place like Guayaquil being in the same country as Ecuador’s capital, Quito (not to mention that only a half-an-hour-plane ride stands between these two contrasting cities). Guayaquil is Ecuador’s main port, commercial hub, and largest urban sprawl. It extends over what was once a veritable “green Venice” dominated by the mangroves that escort the imposing River Guayas on its path to the Pacific Ocean, yet today, most of nature has given way to a busy port city with malls, condos, peripheral highways, and a bustling downtown in constant motion.

Guayaquil, the great port city

For starters, the River Guayas: this massive chocolate-colored waterway, which dons the country’s coat of arms, is among the largest river deltas of the Pacific Ocean and a remarkable promenade that spans several kilometers in length, featuring everything from archaeology museums and historical monuments, the Historical Park which features an oasis for wildlife within the city and the traditional neighborhood of Las Peñas.

The best cacao on Earth

Cacao was once the mainstay of an entire national economy, and the rural plains north and west of the city became great cacao plantations, which you can visit today and learn about the elaborate process of making chocolate, from “seed to bar.” The fruit itself is tasty, yet real chocolate is not on the sweet pulpy surface of these seeds, but within them. You will certainly be awestruck at the level of sophistication involved in making one of the world’s most beloved sweets.

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Hacienda Zuleta is a rare gem hidden in the Ecuadorian Andes. We stayed there for three nights with Gloria, our guide. She was a wealth of knowledge, a patient+friendly guide!

Brendan, Australia - “Zuleta was an extraordinary place”

We loved the tapestry and workshops in Otavalo. During our stay, we loved to walk around Cuicocha crater lake! Quite a breathtaking view!

Deborah & Nicol, US - “A great market day!”

Maria was excellent and courteous! She even helped me bargain in the Otavalo market! Meeting Belen, the hatmaker woman, was a unique experience!

Ed & Sue, US - “Bargain at Otavalo”

Gina was incredible! Excellent English, knowledge, and very pleasant.

Brian, US - “Incredible guide”

Giovanna is exceptionally knowledgeable, especially about Ecuadorian history & politics! She is an excellent storyteller

Terry & Betsy, US - “Our guide was a storyteller”

Gloria was a joy to be with! She was very knowledgeable.

Maynard & Robin, US - “Fantastic experience”

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