About Us

Founded in 2010, “Wayra,” Quichua word for Wind, was created as a philanthropy travel tour operator searching for efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Our core values are social inclusion, respect for our environment, and economic viability for all members of the tourism chain, including guests, guides, transportation, restaurants, local communities, and our team.

Providing fast timing and accurate interaction during the sales process and when creating dedicated itineraries with an effective tour operation during your visit to our country is our primary objective.

Our isotype, a dandelion flower (make a wish and blow!), represents the spread of your seed when visiting a country through us, as we invest 2% of each sales profit to support our social responsibility projects.


Someone caring for you

Staff with a smile and a warm welcome plus a remarkable knowledge of the destination will make a difference in your journey.

Our senior guides with fluent in English and skilled in leadership will carefully guide you through unique experiences enhanced with local knowledge and charm.

Behind our 24/7 phone line and every interactive itinerary that our guests receive when booking, there is a professional operations team, following you during your journey and ready to support you in anything you may need.

Senior Travel Advisors

Our staff is a team of proven professionals with more than 23 years in the incoming tourism industry.

We know our neighborhood pretty well. We know what is better for a family, for children, for an anniversary or a surprise. Every hotel, city, or National Park you will visit had been carefully inspected to deliver a lifetime experience.

We make it your way: specialist in tailor-made

We know it is your holiday, your dream, and your way!  Our product managers are experts in each destination and can offer you unique and exclusive experiences matching your specific travel wishes.

We assess and design – together with you – an experience that matches what you want to see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. We offer flexibility and personalization to each guest.

We concentrate on being sociable and environmentally sustainable

We firmly believe that a better living place becomes a much better place to visit.

We are passionate when working and developing commercial and financial strategies to support through our work and innovation new entrepreneurs, small local businesses, and indigenous communities. Behind your journey, there is a chain of sustainable income and employment by hiring the local population, and paying at an appropriate time, a fair rate to our suppliers.

We not only give but also require our suppliers to comply with environmental and social practices in their operational processes; we need to keep this sustainable wheel moving on either if you are visiting a world Cultural Heritage Site, a local community, or a marvelous natural area.

Your support when acquiring Wayra programs are to the following main sustainable programs:

All our operational waste is recollected for recycling purposes through the DAR Recycling Program manage by ARCA (Coca-Cola Bottling plant), a program that recognizes the importance of recyclers and the impact they have on the economy, society, and environment, besides donating our recyclable waste. All plastic, paperboard, Tetra Pak, aluminum, and glass waste created during our tour operation is gathered in our offices and monthly sent to recycling organizations.

UNESCO “Heritage Sites” Conservation

Wayra operates in certain UNESCO declared buildings to create lifetime experiences. We actively participate in programs oriented to preserve those buildings’ common areas by providing them with paint, skilled labor, and other supplies to restore their walls, patios, and terraces.

Lucy in the Andes

Together with a group of local responsible tour operators, Wayra supports the “Lucy in the Andes Program” where remote areas, communities, and villages in the Andes are visited to provide support in sexual education, empowerment, medical, and legal assistance to women from ages 14 to 25, a critical period for most of them as they begin their adult life, define their dreams and create new horizons.